Amped wireless has been changing and easing the lives of people to a great extent. The Amped wireless routers need to be configured through the customized web address This Amped wireless brand has developed many high-end networking devices like wireless modems, routers and range repeaters etc. But you need to remember that all of these networking devices need to be configured prior to their use in the network.

What is

This is a web domain addressed as used for a convenient login to the router setup portal. The users can further configure, update and reset their router by accessing the admin setup page of the router.

Amped wireless router login through

The users had to face a lot of trouble while logging in to the router setup window through the default IP address of the router i.e. or as this numerical address is a bit hard to remember and the users tend to forget this IP address easily. Therefore to overcome this issue, Amped wireless launched its own customized web domain and the users now can access their router setup window through this address easily without incurring any error.

Configuring and setting up the Amped wireless router through

The Amped wireless configuration firstly needs the router device to be connected to the computer system, and then only the user can carry on with the configuration of the router. There are basically three ways through which a connection between the router and the computer can be established.

  • WPS connection
  • Wired Ethernet connection
  • Wi-Fi connection

We will discuss and explain these connection methods listed above later. Till then let us focus on the Amped wireless router configuration only. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to complete the router configuration.

  • After unboxing your Amped wireless router from its brand new packaging, just assemble all the essentials equipment provided with it.
  • Now, insert the LAN cable from modem to the router’s Internet/WAN port and similarly insert the Ethernet (RJ45) cable from your computer to one of the LAN ports of the router.
  • You are required to switch on and reboot the whole set of devices on its first startup.
  • The DSL/LAN LEDs on the indicator portion of the router will turn solid green or amber. This is when you can start on with your router configuration.
  • Now open the web browser of your PC again and enter the web address in the URL bar of the browser and hit enter.
  • Enter the router’s default login credentials like the username and password for which the values are admin and admin itself.
  • Upon successfully accessing the router’s web setup portal, search for the Internet WAN tab and click it. Once you have selected this tab, a connection types list will be open and you have to select a proper connection type.
  • PPPoE connection type works best for all the internet service processes.
  • Fill in some other details like customer ID and passkey provided by your Internet service providers.
  • Click save and apply changes tab to write all the new configurations on the router and then click the reboot now tab to make all those changes effective on the router.

Your Amped wireless router is now ready to be used for the lightning fast network and internet speed. In this way, the Amped wireless routers can be easily configured and setup within a few minutes of the users time.

WPS connection in the Amped wireless routers

The Amped wireless routers can also be connected to the computer system through one another method i.e. WPS. The WPS stands for the Wi-Fi protected setup. There is a particular hardware button labeled as WPS on the router panel.

What you need to do is just push this WPS button in order to get the router connected to the computer system.

There are several things that need to keep into consideration while performing the Amped wireless router setup through the WPS button.

  1. Open your wireless section of your PC and switch on the WPS tab in the wireless and internet settings section.
  2. Then just push the WPS button on the router panel within two minutes of time. The WPS button push has to be done in this stipulated time of 2 minutes or else the connection will not be established.
  3. Wi-Fi protected setup method WPS doesn’t work with the wireless networks that use those outdated security keys like WEP/WEP 2
  4. The distance between the router and the computer system should not be more than 50 feet.

Wi-Fi connection (most commonly used)

The normal Wi-Fi connection is the most widely used method for establishing a stable and secure connection in between the computer system and router/modem device. Read the instructions mentioned below.

  • Open the router device from its factory packing and assemble it with all the essential components.
  • Now switch on the power supply of the router and wait for few seconds till the router wakes up and get stable.
  • Now, open the wireless and networks section of your PC and you will see a full list of available and unavailable wireless networks in the surroundings.
  • Just click and select the wireless network of your Amped wireless router which would most probably have the SSID name of “Amped wireless”.
  • It is obvious that this wireless router network will not ask you for any password as it is for the first time that you are connecting your computer to the router device.
  • You are ready to perform the rest of the configuration process through the web address

Amped wireless router firmware

The firmware of any router is the core virtual working component of the device. The firmware is basically the user interface between the router and the user. However, the users tend to communicate with the router through a computer system. This is where the firmware comes to use. The firmware in technical words is software responsible for making any changes in the hardware of the router device.

Update the firmware of your Amped wireless router yourself

Amped wireless router firmware update

This firmware as we know is the main and important component of the router. Also, everyone wants to keep their devices up to date and in excellent working condition, this can only be done when your router firmware is up to date. Updating the firmware version of your router is not much a big deal. Just go through the below-mentioned article to get an exact idea about how to update the firmware of the router.

  • First of all, what you need to do is just download the appropriate firmware update file from the support center of the Amped wireless. Visit the web address and download the required file.
  • Now, open your web browser again and enter the web domain in the address bar of the browser and click enter.
  • Authorize the access page with a username and password which you have set or in case you haven’t set any customized login details then carry on with the default values of the same.
  • Note- however it is much important to note here that the router login password must be changed as soon as possible.
  • Click on the system settings section and then select the router firmware tab.
  • Then click the update file and a “browse” button will appear which you need to click. This browse button will take you to your computer’s local memory and you have to select and open the downloaded update file from it.
  • Double click or select and open that update file to run the upload/install process itself. The firmware update will start automatically and ends automatically also.
  • Wait for the update to finish properly and don’t let any interruption occur while the router is rebooting.

Key facts about the Amped wireless router update

  1. Always try to use the Ethernet wired connection as it is much secure and stable rather than the wireless connection.
  2. Always try to connect your router to a backed up power source as you don’t want to get your router setup process hurdled due to the power snap.
  3. The reboot after any router process should not be interrupted in any case. It is the major cause behind the router’s malfunctioning.

What is is addressed as which is used to access the router setup window of the Amped wireless routes, modems, and other networking devices. This web address is much easy to use rather than that default IP address of the router.

No, absolutely not but the users need to understand that this customized web address is for the convenience of the users only. Therefore, it is recommended that the users should use this web address only.  But they can also log in to the router’s admin dashboard through its default IP or

What if I forget the router login password?

This is the most common issue with the router users. They tend to forget the router login password many times. Then it doesn’t mean that you cannot have the access to your router setup page. The one and only option you are left with is the router reset. You will have to get your Amped wireless router reset to its original factory settings. Then configure it again for the usage in the network.

How to reset the Amped wireless router?

reset the Amped wireless router
The router can mainly be reset through one of the two ways listed below.

  1. Reset through the reset button provided in the router.
  2. Also, Reset through the graphical user interface of the router i.e. through

Reset through the reset button

Just insert a long pointed object like a needle deep into the pinhole of the router where the reset button is located. Push and hold the reset button pressed for upto 5 seconds or more till the router gets a reboot itself.

All the settings will be erased from the router network memory and configure it again.

How do I get to know about any pending firmware update on my Amped wireless router?

You can get the information about the Amped wireless router update through many ways like the flashing check button right beside the update button. You can also check for any pending updates through the social media handles of the Amped wireless brand.  Also, you can visit the support center of the Amped wireless official website i.e.

What is the importance of the Amped wireless router firmware update?

Updating the firmware of the Amped wireless router is much essential as all the crucial workings of the router can be enhanced and boosted up with the firmware update. Some other benefits of the firmware update are listed below.

Added parental and media controls
Network and media prioritization controls added in the admin dashboard
Enhanced and efficient network and internet speed of the network.